Friday, March 31, 2006

[music] The March of 365 Steps

Do you know this song "The March of 365 Steps".

This song "The March of 365 Steps"smash hits in 1968 @ Japan.
Cheetah sings this song.

She sing in tune,

"1 step, 1 day.
3 steps, 3 days.
go 3 steps and go back 2 steps."

Cheetah, Suizennji Kiyoko, is female singer.
Cheetah means "little tami-chan".
"little tami-chan" is "chicchai tami-chan" in japanese.
Her real name is Hikida Tamiko (maiden name is Hayashida).

Suizennji Kiyoko Wikipedia水前寺清子

TDD is "The March of 365 Steps" too.

This is right? > Mr. Kent Beck.


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