Tuesday, March 21, 2006

[sports] WBC (World Baseball Classic), Hells Bells

The final at PETCO Park at in San Diego.

Japan v.s. Cuba

Mr. Oh (Sadaharu Oh) who is Home-run King in the world is a manager,
so this time, I think Japan Team become King the world's No.1 is suitable.
Although I considered, it became just like that.

and The finals is slow in general, but they were entertained.

There are a lot of episode to write, but I only write a few below.

There were also various episode and many character appearance.
Specially, Mr. Bob "Magician" Davidson, he are unforgettable.
He is a referee of the minor leagues.
He was a few played an active part also today.

About a Japanese team,
Ichiro got very hot in this series.
It was good he did not go around in circles.

In the middle of the game,
it became the one man stage in Mr. Kawasaki.
He was played error and fine play that was thrilling...
and I wished replace with Mr. Miyamoto early.
But His partner's who is Mr. Nishioka followed up perfectly.
Mr. Tamura is so good.
Mr. Matsunaka also hustled.
Because, his beautiful wife watching TV in Japan.

The pitchers did their best.
Although Mr. Matsuzaka received one shot suddenly.
Mr. Watanabe Shun was good, favorite to him a little.
Mr. Otsuka was dignified. His eyes is fearful.
It is truly he is a major leaguer.
Mr. Otsuka got the pitcher's mound which was used to locally till last year in the Padres.
And ... His music with appearance was AC/DC.

"Hells Bells"

May be, I was most surprised to it.


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