Tuesday, April 25, 2006

[book] Andy Hertzfeld, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates

"The book which needs an engineer."
It is introduction of the book read recently.
The forth cartridge.

It is looks back upon the dawn of the computer industry.
It is a true story until "Macintosh" appears in the world.

Revolution in The Valley / Andy Hertzfeld

Various human relations in the process in which Andy Hertzfeld makes "Macintosh" are indicated conscientiously.
It is the book into which the recollections written by his Blog were collected.
This book is a binding like a beautiful album.

Folklore.org: Macintosh Stories

Especially Steve Jobs's eccentric person is described.
He cannot write a code, either.
He must always have his own way.
We should become an uncanny disagreeable feeling near by him.
But he is a charisma.

Next book is a book which featured only magnate Steve Jobs.

iCon Steve Jobs / Jeffrey S. Young

How did he make the apple? And why was he driven out of the apple?
It is the nonfiction with which he is picturing vividly whether you are a however disagreeable fellow.
It is the touch said indeed.
The merit of his sense, the dreadfulness of a belief, and vindictiveness will be charismas too.

It is an addition.

Although it already thinks that there is also much more familiar one, it is the speech of the Steve Jobs impression at Stanford.
Although Jobs is not the graduate of this school, he is making the graduation ceremony speech at Stanford.

'You've got to find what you love,' Jobs says

A Japanese translation.

A sound (raw voice) can also be heard.
By all means, please listen to a voice at once.

Presenting Stanford on iTunes

It is in Stanford > Heard On Campus > Interview and Speeches

If a speech is heard after reading a book, the taste which is different again will also come out. (in different meaning)

Finally, This is a passage of the Steve Jobs's speech.
"Your time is limited and so don 't waste it living someone else' s life."
Please have a look, if you are interested.


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