Wednesday, April 05, 2006

[book] Joel on Software, The book which needs an engineer.

"The book which needs an engineer."

It is introduction of the book read recently.
The second cartridge.

It is the book written by man called Joel Spolsky.

This book is somewhat bad and coarse in a spoken-language tone.
It goes across the contents variably.

The way that should be of software,
Be related with a development project,
Moreover, does an organization or an company sound good or not?
The inside story of Microsoft etc.
Various things think that they refer by full load.

I think that truth is seized on also on a certain side.
It is not only being also pleasantly but also giving a nod of assent.

It is twice delicious at one grain.
(My friend told me this book.)

I'm reading repeatedly in fragments over and over.

Please check this book.

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