Friday, April 07, 2006

[phenomenon] White Cane, My Heart Cloudy

It is cloudy weather today.
it is chilly.

Regularly, The platform which is crowded with the people
which get on and off a train in the morning.

I will also change a train,
I walk along someone's back,
and I'm lost in a crowd.

When my face is raised suddenly on walking,
a lady stops who is walking along several steps beyond,
and she looking back at something.

I'm also looking over my shoulder.

There was the lady of the middle age with the white cane.

Inspection of tickets still has just a little distance,
and stairs are situated on the way.

After wavering for a moment,
it returned me against the flow and approached her.
The white cane was exactly hit on the handrail of stairs.
There is no hesitation to me. I talk to her.

"Let's go together."

When done so,
Her appearance is an indifferent tone,


She answered in loud voice.

I grasped the back of the her left elbow lightly.
When tiny stairs are gone up, they are tiny distance
to inspection of tickets.

She shakes her elbow from side to side,
she may be unpleasant.
She had a bag on her left arm.

She shook the elbow 2 or 3 times until she had gone up stairs.
I released my hand toward her.

And I kept tiny distance, then I separated quietly.

At back of my heart, dust dust is carried out for some and it shines.
I were in cobweb.

It is somehow caught by the sense of self-discipline.

It was meddlesome?

I should just have gone past too?

I should just have spoken tiny more gently?
as so she could feel easy.

I should not have grasped her elbow,
I should have had her grasp my elbow.

Or did she think that a bag was stolen by me?

tiny things.

important things.


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