Friday, July 21, 2006

[software] Nintendo DS Browser

Coming soon...Nintendo DS Browser
Do you have DS or DS Lite?

Nintendo DS Browser

Opera on Nintendo DS

The engine carried in Nintendo DS Browser is "Opera 8.5."

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Google officer rises against Tim Berners-Lee. The Behavior which does not fear God.

Probably, you may call it "behavior which does not fear God, either". (joke)=|:-)
Google, Don't be proud. Pride goes before destruction. (deadly serious)
Don't be evil. (the motto of Google).

The contents of the talk are about the questions and answers about a Semantic Web.

Google exec challenges Berners-Lee

"At the end of the keynote, however, things took a different turn. Google Director of Search and AAAI Fellow Peter Norvig was the first to the microphone during the Q&A session, and he took the opportunity to raise a few points."

I wanted to see this atmosphere. It is likely to be pleasant.

"The speech covered Berners-Lee's known proposal for Web developers to use semantic languages in addition to HTML. He stressed the importance of using persistent URIs (Uniform Resource Identifiers) and RDF (Resource Description Framework) for identifying information. Consistent use of these specifications, said Berners-Lee, will allow the Semantic Web to maintain the collaborative nature the World Wide Web was originally intended to have."

I see. The direction was not likely to make a mistake in me. I am a person with no sense of direction.
In the Sematic Web, if it goes till the place of ontology or sentence analysis, the talk will become difficult just then.
When taken out to A.I. (This is not Spielberg's movie) in the end, This story will becomes a fantastic story.
Mr. Berners-Lee explains Semantic Web story and it is moved to the realistic thing. but it's not magic. Resulted from his personal grace and his exploit.

I feel that some are likely to be begun from present. I also continues study step by step.
Google should also started Semantic Web. Everyone waiting for expecting to you.

These detailed contents are indicated by Mr. "The Web KANZAKI."'s page. Please look at there.

Berners-Lee vs. Google - The Web KANZAKI.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

The Ripple by Heading of Zidane, Soccor World Cup 2006 in Germany


Zidane was interviewed in French TV. His voice was heard by morning TV.
I could anticipated easyly what he would say. But I wanted to catch a sight about which he speaks.

It is having recalled yesterday. Zidane, "The Heading", its The last play of him.

Zidane, trigger of anger of the love to sick mother -- It is outrage to a "son of prostitute" utterance.

It is clear to anyone's eye that he commanded France, drove out Brazil and drew the team to the final.
Certainly, He has virtue. Probably, supposing, roughness members of France was not collected, if he did not have virtue. We were known as himself through his eye has hidden fighting sprits. And people of France who met him warmly are seen, it should be understood naturally. as He is the man.
This is my thought.

Zidane, A cause is the insult to mother or an elder sister.
ジダン 原因は母や姉への侮辱

Zidane carried out his talk as anticipated. "What was said ?" Naturally, He did not talk, because he is wise man.

It is said that the body has moved when that head thrust disregards all kinds of insult and abuse of Materazzi twice and it says to the 3rd time.

"The Heading", He ignored abuse of Materazzi twice.
His body has reacted when Materazzi says to the 3rd time.

It may be natural. Some guy will say that it is manly.
However, he will be lay restraint on himself in his mind, but his body has reacted.

It is consolations in its misfortune that He is a soccer player, therefore a Heading. It is good that it was not knocked by hand.
It is quite like Zidane to do.

But naturally he apologizes to the children in the world where soccer was seen obediently.
It is quite like Zidane to do.

It may be a fact that his action became the good opportunity where people in the world considered the race problem anew.

cause and effect.

By the way, Materazzi thinks that he will excuse himself variously.
How does Italy feel? Italy needs to protect hime, Materazzi warmly.

"Cut off that man's vital part" Zidane's mother

The mother of Zidane was mother too. Although it was excessive just for a moment, since it was going to protect the dearest son, it is innocent.

Anyway, Zidane is Zidane.
The fact is a fact.
But the number of truth is not one.

There was no cloud in his eyes at the time of an interview.

Hide, Zidane, Soccor World Cup 2006 in Germany

Nakata Hide, Soccor World Cup 2006 in Germany

I watched "Hidetoshi Nakata retirement interview" TV program on the other day.

He said,
"Running is only possible for him,
if he will stops even running,
his meaning is lost for what purpose to have come until now."

It is time when Japan was behind Brazil by 3 goals , They could not take a ball, either, the remaining time also decreased, and he considered that.
The strength of his intention is felt.

We consider in pride that he is our representation.

Hide's Mail "Life is a voyage and a voyage is life."

I pray that his future life is also a fair wind.

Thank you for the right way of life being shown.
Moreover, Its for you, "the beginning of the end".

Fight Alone.

Yahoo!スポーツ×Yahoo!動画 - Hide's Movie 中田英寿インタビュー

World Cup~End of an era and power of new generation

Hide, Zidane, Soccor World Cup 2006 in Germany

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

[game] The advertisement of Sony is blamed.

Sony blame is carried out... an advertisement is difficult.
Sony's Europe is an omen, although this time is the Netherlands.

Racist White PSP Ad [Update 3]

"The advertisement which Sony took out with the Netherlands has created the international disturbance."

Is there also any fear of saying that it is at spreading to exclusion movement?

I think this woman photograph is cool.
It is just vampire flavor little bit.
The appearance condition of a belly is carnivorous flavor.

Although I do not understand well,
The strong intention "an advertisement is also art" and "What do I want to transmit to anybody?" is important enthusiastically.
It is thought that misapprehension is not induced though there is a difference in an interpretation, if it is felt.

Monday, July 10, 2006

[sports] Lance Armstrong is not there, Le Tour de France on Google Earth

[sports] Lance Armstrong, Eternally.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Rage Against The Machine, eBay put up strong resistance Google Checkout.

Rebounding from eBay side, although it may be natural.
Conversely, eBay's head fastening ?
And This is Google Checkout advertized purposely, isn't it?

eBay - Accepted Payments Policy

eBay BANS Google Checkout

イーベイ、Google Checkoutによる決済を禁止

The counterargument has come also out of the intelligent person.

eBay is the premonition which is likely to become the sword of many edges rather than useless resistance.

Supposing Google Checkout spreads, it will say stopping eBay using.
eBay will softens an attitude then, isn't late?

Keep a diary every night.

Google will be starting Gbuy payment service. 

Google Checkout. Really? Wallet or Shopping Cart. Fight to Yahoo! + eBay.

Yahoo! + eBay == yaBay