Thursday, July 20, 2006

Google officer rises against Tim Berners-Lee. The Behavior which does not fear God.

Probably, you may call it "behavior which does not fear God, either". (joke)=|:-)
Google, Don't be proud. Pride goes before destruction. (deadly serious)
Don't be evil. (the motto of Google).

The contents of the talk are about the questions and answers about a Semantic Web.

Google exec challenges Berners-Lee

"At the end of the keynote, however, things took a different turn. Google Director of Search and AAAI Fellow Peter Norvig was the first to the microphone during the Q&A session, and he took the opportunity to raise a few points."

I wanted to see this atmosphere. It is likely to be pleasant.

"The speech covered Berners-Lee's known proposal for Web developers to use semantic languages in addition to HTML. He stressed the importance of using persistent URIs (Uniform Resource Identifiers) and RDF (Resource Description Framework) for identifying information. Consistent use of these specifications, said Berners-Lee, will allow the Semantic Web to maintain the collaborative nature the World Wide Web was originally intended to have."

I see. The direction was not likely to make a mistake in me. I am a person with no sense of direction.
In the Sematic Web, if it goes till the place of ontology or sentence analysis, the talk will become difficult just then.
When taken out to A.I. (This is not Spielberg's movie) in the end, This story will becomes a fantastic story.
Mr. Berners-Lee explains Semantic Web story and it is moved to the realistic thing. but it's not magic. Resulted from his personal grace and his exploit.

I feel that some are likely to be begun from present. I also continues study step by step.
Google should also started Semantic Web. Everyone waiting for expecting to you.

These detailed contents are indicated by Mr. "The Web KANZAKI."'s page. Please look at there.

Berners-Lee vs. Google - The Web KANZAKI.


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