Thursday, July 13, 2006

Nakata Hide, Soccor World Cup 2006 in Germany

I watched "Hidetoshi Nakata retirement interview" TV program on the other day.

He said,
"Running is only possible for him,
if he will stops even running,
his meaning is lost for what purpose to have come until now."

It is time when Japan was behind Brazil by 3 goals , They could not take a ball, either, the remaining time also decreased, and he considered that.
The strength of his intention is felt.

We consider in pride that he is our representation.

Hide's Mail "Life is a voyage and a voyage is life."

I pray that his future life is also a fair wind.

Thank you for the right way of life being shown.
Moreover, Its for you, "the beginning of the end".

Fight Alone.

Yahoo!スポーツ×Yahoo!動画 - Hide's Movie 中田英寿インタビュー

World Cup~End of an era and power of new generation

Hide, Zidane, Soccor World Cup 2006 in Germany


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