Friday, July 07, 2006

Rage Against The Machine, eBay put up strong resistance Google Checkout.

Rebounding from eBay side, although it may be natural.
Conversely, eBay's head fastening ?
And This is Google Checkout advertized purposely, isn't it?

eBay - Accepted Payments Policy

eBay BANS Google Checkout

イーベイ、Google Checkoutによる決済を禁止

The counterargument has come also out of the intelligent person.

eBay is the premonition which is likely to become the sword of many edges rather than useless resistance.

Supposing Google Checkout spreads, it will say stopping eBay using.
eBay will softens an attitude then, isn't late?

Keep a diary every night.

Google will be starting Gbuy payment service. 

Google Checkout. Really? Wallet or Shopping Cart. Fight to Yahoo! + eBay.

Yahoo! + eBay == yaBay


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