Thursday, July 13, 2006

The Ripple by Heading of Zidane, Soccor World Cup 2006 in Germany


Zidane was interviewed in French TV. His voice was heard by morning TV.
I could anticipated easyly what he would say. But I wanted to catch a sight about which he speaks.

It is having recalled yesterday. Zidane, "The Heading", its The last play of him.

Zidane, trigger of anger of the love to sick mother -- It is outrage to a "son of prostitute" utterance.

It is clear to anyone's eye that he commanded France, drove out Brazil and drew the team to the final.
Certainly, He has virtue. Probably, supposing, roughness members of France was not collected, if he did not have virtue. We were known as himself through his eye has hidden fighting sprits. And people of France who met him warmly are seen, it should be understood naturally. as He is the man.
This is my thought.

Zidane, A cause is the insult to mother or an elder sister.
ジダン 原因は母や姉への侮辱

Zidane carried out his talk as anticipated. "What was said ?" Naturally, He did not talk, because he is wise man.

It is said that the body has moved when that head thrust disregards all kinds of insult and abuse of Materazzi twice and it says to the 3rd time.

"The Heading", He ignored abuse of Materazzi twice.
His body has reacted when Materazzi says to the 3rd time.

It may be natural. Some guy will say that it is manly.
However, he will be lay restraint on himself in his mind, but his body has reacted.

It is consolations in its misfortune that He is a soccer player, therefore a Heading. It is good that it was not knocked by hand.
It is quite like Zidane to do.

But naturally he apologizes to the children in the world where soccer was seen obediently.
It is quite like Zidane to do.

It may be a fact that his action became the good opportunity where people in the world considered the race problem anew.

cause and effect.

By the way, Materazzi thinks that he will excuse himself variously.
How does Italy feel? Italy needs to protect hime, Materazzi warmly.

"Cut off that man's vital part" Zidane's mother

The mother of Zidane was mother too. Although it was excessive just for a moment, since it was going to protect the dearest son, it is innocent.

Anyway, Zidane is Zidane.
The fact is a fact.
But the number of truth is not one.

There was no cloud in his eyes at the time of an interview.

Hide, Zidane, Soccor World Cup 2006 in Germany


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