Friday, March 31, 2006

[music] Bad Mario is Wario ?

ko told me that.
(ko is my friend.)
It is interesting and is smart.

if you want ...

Who’s Bad? Mario, of course.


Wario...May be.
Because he is Bad Mario.

[music] The March of 365 Steps

Do you know this song "The March of 365 Steps".

This song "The March of 365 Steps"smash hits in 1968 @ Japan.
Cheetah sings this song.

She sing in tune,

"1 step, 1 day.
3 steps, 3 days.
go 3 steps and go back 2 steps."

Cheetah, Suizennji Kiyoko, is female singer.
Cheetah means "little tami-chan".
"little tami-chan" is "chicchai tami-chan" in japanese.
Her real name is Hikida Tamiko (maiden name is Hayashida).

Suizennji Kiyoko Wikipedia水前寺清子

TDD is "The March of 365 Steps" too.

This is right? > Mr. Kent Beck.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

[gadget] iDJ2 iPod mixer

Future Shape or Future system.
It's tight. Cool Machine.

Numark to debut iDJ2 iPod mixer with pitch control

This device can mix music from only one iPod.
Just like Tight Mash-up Machine.

It is likely to be introduced in various places.
you have iPod, you will try this.

Probably I will not buy it,
Since I think that I cannot master how to use it.


I want it to interior design.
I have BOSE Speaker...SoundDock.

Bose SoundDock Digital Music System

Sunday, March 26, 2006

[music] Stand Up and Shout ... Righteousness

It purchased on the nostalgic occasion
"Holy Diver" is 1st Album of "Dio".

Ronnie James Dio (ELF -> RAINBOW -> BLACK SBBATH -> DIO)
and Vivian Campbell (DIO -> WHITE SNAKE -> DEF LEPPARD).

The voice of Ronnie is so young.
Ronnie looks like gollum who is character of "The Lord of the Rings".

First song is "Stand up and Shout".

Too fast gets off beat of drum.
Too fast gets off riff of guitar.
I'm going to get off easily.

premature ejaculation...

"Stand Up and Shout" is bravery righteousness.

Dio 1st Album.

Dio 2nd Album.
May be, I'll buy this.

Don't you know about Dio?
Best of Dio. "Stand Up and Shout: The Dio Anthology"

Trilogy of Movie. "The Lord of the Rings"

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

[sports] WBC (World Baseball Classic), Hells Bells

The final at PETCO Park at in San Diego.

Japan v.s. Cuba

Mr. Oh (Sadaharu Oh) who is Home-run King in the world is a manager,
so this time, I think Japan Team become King the world's No.1 is suitable.
Although I considered, it became just like that.

and The finals is slow in general, but they were entertained.

There are a lot of episode to write, but I only write a few below.

There were also various episode and many character appearance.
Specially, Mr. Bob "Magician" Davidson, he are unforgettable.
He is a referee of the minor leagues.
He was a few played an active part also today.

About a Japanese team,
Ichiro got very hot in this series.
It was good he did not go around in circles.

In the middle of the game,
it became the one man stage in Mr. Kawasaki.
He was played error and fine play that was thrilling...
and I wished replace with Mr. Miyamoto early.
But His partner's who is Mr. Nishioka followed up perfectly.
Mr. Tamura is so good.
Mr. Matsunaka also hustled.
Because, his beautiful wife watching TV in Japan.

The pitchers did their best.
Although Mr. Matsuzaka received one shot suddenly.
Mr. Watanabe Shun was good, favorite to him a little.
Mr. Otsuka was dignified. His eyes is fearful.
It is truly he is a major leaguer.
Mr. Otsuka got the pitcher's mound which was used to locally till last year in the Padres.
And ... His music with appearance was AC/DC.

"Hells Bells"

May be, I was most surprised to it.

Sunday, March 19, 2006


I have been waiting for HUNTERXHUNTER No.23 for a long time.
Although I already forgot the last story.

Killua and Mr. Octopus are appear at first.
The next is Gon and Mr.Chameleon.
The middle stage, King and Ms. Runny nose are.
The Old man (Chairman) make a pause for this time.
Finally, Morau fights a battle with Cheetah (re-appears).

Some hints of last time began to show clue at this time.
Moreover, another underplot was given.

Morau and a Knuckle are my favorite characters,
So, I wish for their activity with hopes and fears in my mind.

I'll be waiting for next deployment without haste.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

[phenomenon] really clear day.    

The rain at last night, and a wind.
The wind had driven off rain cloud at midnight.

The form of a cloud was Woody Woodpecker.

Today is also windy.