Wednesday, April 26, 2006

[software] Visual Studio 2005 Express Edition

Probably, Visual Studio of Microsoft is become "Free for Fee".
May be, I will only download.

Visual Studio 2005 Express Edition

[phenomenon] crane days

crane days...

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

[book] Andy Hertzfeld, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates

"The book which needs an engineer."
It is introduction of the book read recently.
The forth cartridge.

It is looks back upon the dawn of the computer industry.
It is a true story until "Macintosh" appears in the world.

Revolution in The Valley / Andy Hertzfeld

Various human relations in the process in which Andy Hertzfeld makes "Macintosh" are indicated conscientiously.
It is the book into which the recollections written by his Blog were collected.
This book is a binding like a beautiful album. Macintosh Stories

Especially Steve Jobs's eccentric person is described.
He cannot write a code, either.
He must always have his own way.
We should become an uncanny disagreeable feeling near by him.
But he is a charisma.

Next book is a book which featured only magnate Steve Jobs.

iCon Steve Jobs / Jeffrey S. Young

How did he make the apple? And why was he driven out of the apple?
It is the nonfiction with which he is picturing vividly whether you are a however disagreeable fellow.
It is the touch said indeed.
The merit of his sense, the dreadfulness of a belief, and vindictiveness will be charismas too.

It is an addition.

Although it already thinks that there is also much more familiar one, it is the speech of the Steve Jobs impression at Stanford.
Although Jobs is not the graduate of this school, he is making the graduation ceremony speech at Stanford.

'You've got to find what you love,' Jobs says

A Japanese translation.

A sound (raw voice) can also be heard.
By all means, please listen to a voice at once.

Presenting Stanford on iTunes

It is in Stanford > Heard On Campus > Interview and Speeches

If a speech is heard after reading a book, the taste which is different again will also come out. (in different meaning)

Finally, This is a passage of the Steve Jobs's speech.
"Your time is limited and so don 't waste it living someone else' s life."
Please have a look, if you are interested.

Friday, April 21, 2006

[book] The Search, Google History

"The book which needs an engineer."

It is introduction of the book read recently.
The third cartridge.

This book is a talk about the Google who is attracting attention to wealth recently.
Although this is also read just for a moment before, it can look back upon the Internet through a google.

What the Google is going to appear and conquests the world?
This book is written to be able to grasp the situation around it toward present from the past.
It will become important data when knowing the present computer industry.

blow related web site:

John Battelle's Searchblog

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

[gadget] iGroove

This speaker is called iGroove.

We can try to want to be able to use audio players other than iPod for this speaker.

The person who thought that iPod user was enviable until now is an important point check.
(iriver enters on this picture.)

iGroove: The Audiophile All-in-One iPod Shelf System from Klipsch

It seems that YAMAHA will sell at Japan.

ヤマハがiPod対応オーディオ 家庭向け低迷脱却へ

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

[it] Oracle OS, Oracle Box

After all Oracle gets OS?
It is as expected. (Everyone.)
Please do your best, Mr. Oracle OS.
It does not want to make the same mistake as Oracle NC.

Oracle says may launch own Linux version: report
Oracle considers new Linux venture

Oracle buy Novell?
It is waste of the money very much, isn't it?
Be careful not to become high shopping.

Next, the Special box (hardware) use is also preparation.
Of course, the Black Box (looks like a psudo-NeXT).

"All are oracles."

It is the true purpose, isn't it?

[it] China was invaded by Google

Google, invaded China.

Google enters China under new name

It is said that "Gu Ge" is "meaning sowing and harvest".

Does it harvest?
Is that better only sowing?

Thursday, April 13, 2006

[phenomenon] we are apt to oversleep in spring.

In spring one sleeps a sleep that knows no dawn.

proverb goes,

"we are apt to oversleep in spring."

This is exact, that is to say.

I cannot wake up...
Although I always can never wake up.

I cannot sleep into my dreams...

I am going to be variously lost in my thought.

Recently, music is hung when I was sleeping.

I fall prone on my bed.
An album will be changed by me, if sound stops being audible.
After repeating it about 3 times, I drink alcohol a little.
It is a repetition further about all them.

Among those, it will be I can sleep.

(A photograph is music of yesterday.
 But only three of the beginnings are here.)

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

[phenomenon] asleep, rest in peace

Mr. Kimura, the designer of my acquaintance, asleep.

At the first meeting, He said to me,
"you look like the Bohemian. "
But he become a Bohemian previously.

He still young...

I pay his last respects.

[phenomenon] devils haircut, god of curry rice

I cut hair.
At hair salon.

I did not cut my hair long time, more than four month.

Flavor with which a beautician's elder sister is tired.
She is always such feelings, so I also talked her hard this time.

In the middle of conversation,
Since the contents of the talk were the flow of "becoming troublesome anything"
I said,
Sometimes, "God of Never mind anything" come down ?
She said,
"God of curry rice foods!" come down.

It laughed heartily.

In the evening, Of course, I made and ate curry and rice.
(The upper photograph is borrowing. Since I ate it before taking a photograph.)

It was nice.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

[music] AC/DC Dio MSG ... Michael Schenker Group

I bought CD's in my wish list.

I don't know this album "build to destroy" exists 2 versions.
Did you know that?

I had a record of original versions.

Friday, April 07, 2006

[phenomenon] White Cane, My Heart Cloudy

It is cloudy weather today.
it is chilly.

Regularly, The platform which is crowded with the people
which get on and off a train in the morning.

I will also change a train,
I walk along someone's back,
and I'm lost in a crowd.

When my face is raised suddenly on walking,
a lady stops who is walking along several steps beyond,
and she looking back at something.

I'm also looking over my shoulder.

There was the lady of the middle age with the white cane.

Inspection of tickets still has just a little distance,
and stairs are situated on the way.

After wavering for a moment,
it returned me against the flow and approached her.
The white cane was exactly hit on the handrail of stairs.
There is no hesitation to me. I talk to her.

"Let's go together."

When done so,
Her appearance is an indifferent tone,


She answered in loud voice.

I grasped the back of the her left elbow lightly.
When tiny stairs are gone up, they are tiny distance
to inspection of tickets.

She shakes her elbow from side to side,
she may be unpleasant.
She had a bag on her left arm.

She shook the elbow 2 or 3 times until she had gone up stairs.
I released my hand toward her.

And I kept tiny distance, then I separated quietly.

At back of my heart, dust dust is carried out for some and it shines.
I were in cobweb.

It is somehow caught by the sense of self-discipline.

It was meddlesome?

I should just have gone past too?

I should just have spoken tiny more gently?
as so she could feel easy.

I should not have grasped her elbow,
I should have had her grasp my elbow.

Or did she think that a bag was stolen by me?

tiny things.

important things.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

[television] NANA in amination

"NANA" amination started on TV.

Midnight, I will watching at news and turned on television.
The scene in the train of animation is flowing on television.

May be, I saw this situation somewhere...

I did not know when anime will start.
I was able to be heard barely Olivia's voice.

Casts and Songs (Comic imaging)


"a little pain"/OLIVIA

Both Not Released (Undecided release date.)


NANA Latest comic No.15 and NANA movie

NANA movie not is someday.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

[book] Joel on Software, The book which needs an engineer.

"The book which needs an engineer."

It is introduction of the book read recently.
The second cartridge.

It is the book written by man called Joel Spolsky.

This book is somewhat bad and coarse in a spoken-language tone.
It goes across the contents variably.

The way that should be of software,
Be related with a development project,
Moreover, does an organization or an company sound good or not?
The inside story of Microsoft etc.
Various things think that they refer by full load.

I think that truth is seized on also on a certain side.
It is not only being also pleasantly but also giving a nod of assent.

It is twice delicious at one grain.
(My friend told me this book.)

I'm reading repeatedly in fragments over and over.

Please check this book.

below related web site:

Joel on Software

Joel on Software (Japanese)

Joel Spolsky, his company web site:

Fog Creek Software

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

[phenomenon] Sakura, cherry blossom

I went to view the cherry blossoms
with a rice ball and jasmine tea.

The cherry tree was finely in bloom.

Although I had not smelled the smell of the flower of a cherry tree until now,
the smell of cherry blossoms was drifting thickly there.

After the next day,
since rain and the strong wind continued,
the flower may have broken up.

The life of a flower is short.

Therefore, probably, the flower is glorifying present.